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Franklin, Tennessee, United States
Company Overview
Grabbr has created the world’s first global currency based on the underlying value of social influence.
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Grabbr is a social referral marketing platform that uses ‘social currency’ to market businesses while revealing exactly where their advertising dollars have the largest impact, and which social channels they should be spending their time on to engage followers. Through Grabbr, marketers can create a 'share this to get this' digital rewards campaign that can be shared across multiple touchpoints including social media, SMS, Bluetooth beacons, etc. Real-time analytics and intelligent metrics keep brands aware of how to continually improve campaigns. In addition to Grabbr's managed platform, brands can also leverage Grabbr's Platform as a Service (PaaS) for an additional cost. With this option, brands can receive a white-labeled marketing platform that integrates all of the Grabbr features directly into their own existing websites and marketing efforts. The Grabbr platform now includes Grabbr Campaign Block Chain (GCBC) to enhance data analysis, increase campaign effectiveness and identify key 'power users'.
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