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Referral Programs incentivize existing customers to recommend products and services to friends and family as a way for brands to acquire new customers. Tools in this category are platforms that manage the referral process by engaging and tracking participating customers, and facilitating award compensation (points, coupons, discounts, cash back, merchandise).

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AdvocateHub is the flagship offering from Influitive. The web-based Referral Marketing and Brand Advocate solution is purpose-built to help brands engage, mobilize and rate the acquisition of new customers through referrals from existing customers.
Campaign Manager is a customer experience orchestration platform that enables Adaptive Marketers™ to automate a consistently relevant Adaptive Customer Experience™ by simultaneously utilizing the latest state of each customer relationship across mult...
Buyapowa is a refer-a-friend program that uses social media to amplify retail sales.
By HiFive
CoSell is a SaaS platform that operates as a referral selling platform specifically tailored for B2B sales teams. It is designed to enhance collaboration among sales teams by leveraging existing business relationships to generate warm referrals, whic...
  Compare is a B2B referral marketing platform that leverages gamification, social media and behavioral dynamics to power Voice of the Customer, employee and customer advocacy, and reference programs.
By Extole
Extole is a platform that serves a range of B2B and B2C companies who want to gain referrals though a trusted network. Extole enables brands to acquire new, high-value customers at scale with its referral marketing platform. Marketers can create a co...
Friendbuy is a customer referral program that leverages the power of happy customers to acquire new customers. Powerful and flexible, Friendbuy is suitable for eCommerce, magazine subscriptions, publishers, small businesses, SaaS and more. Turns any ...
Genius Referrals is a Referral Marketing Platform that helps businesses to acquire new customers using word of mouth and recommendation techniques.
By Grabbr
Grabbr is a social referral marketing platform that uses ‘social currency’ to market businesses while revealing exactly where their advertising dollars have the largest impact, and which social channels they should be spending their time on to engage...
Harviist is a digital marketing solution that allows you to harness the power of customer referrals through simple, plug-in software. It allows you to create and track engaging referral campaigns in just a few clicks, opening up a lookalike audience ...
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