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Houston, Texas, United States
Company Overview
Hardin-Soft provides direct marketing software.
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Products and Services

BM-Win Plus

BM-Win Plus is PAVE Certified Gold by the Post Office to handle 1st Class, Standard Class, and Non-Profit Automation, Non-Automation, Machinable and Non-Machinable, Letters, Flats, Cards, FCM Parcels, Sacks, Trays, Heavy Pieces, and Not Flat Machinable Flats.
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ZipClean Plus

ZipClean Plus is Certified to meet all requirements of the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) for accuracy when cleaning, correcting, and standardizing national mailing lists. ZipClean Plus is also certified to add the ZIP+4, Carrier Route, Delivery Point, and Enhanced Line of Travel information to your mailing list. By adding Carrier Route and Enhanced Line of Travel data to your mailing list you could be eligible for even greater savings in the form of Carrier Route or Enhanced Carrier Route Discounts.
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