Mailing Data Management & Distribution

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Mailing Data Management & Distribution tools enable marketers to ensure they have correct addresses and information for prospects, and the abilty to reach those prospects. Featues of these tools may include data security functions. 

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BM-Win Plus is PAVE Certified Gold by the Post Office to handle 1st Class, Standard Class, and Non-Profit Automation, Non-Automation, Machinable and Non-Machinable, Letters, Flats, Cards, FCM Parcels, Sacks, Trays, Heavy Pieces, and Not Flat Machinab...
cQuencer is lightning fast statement processing software for high-volume mailers. cQuencer gives you the ability to control efficiency, accuracy, and economy of your high-volume, variable-weight mailing operations.
DAT-MAIL is a complete Mailing Data Management software solution that provides real world solutions for any mailer who submits postage statements or Mail.dat® files to PostalOne!® to the USPS.
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