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Winter Park, Florida, United States
Company Overview
IZEA operates IZEAx, the premier technology platform that connects marketers with influential creators to automate influencer marketing and custom content development.
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Products and Services


BrandGraph is a social intelligence platform enabling marketers to measure social media performance with share-of-voice, engagement benchmarking, category spending estimates, influencer identification, and sentiment analysis.
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IZEA Flex is an influencer marketing platform that introduces end-to-end tracking of social commerce, allowing marketers to easily measure the impact of individual influencers on e-commerce revenue at scale.
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IZEAx Discovery

IZEAx Discovery is a discovery platform enabling enterprises to find influencers who can represent their brand. Search for influencers by location, subject or companies they work with. Export lists of influencers using parameters decided upon by the user.
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IZEAx Unity Suite

IZEAx Unity is an influencer marketing platform. Access all the enterprise tools you need to build your brand with content and grow it with influence. Create an influencer marketing campaign, analyze the performance, and amplify your best content. Through an automated Influencer Marketing Platform, the time consuming, manual tasks are simplified. The IZEAx Unity platform removes heavy lifting and inefficiencies so you can focus on the high value creative strategy that sets your business apart.
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