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Krakow, Poland
Company Overview is a global provider of beacon technology, connecting the digital and physical worlds through proximity-enabled products and solutions. is fully customizable hardware and software, and the Krakow-based company also offers custom built enterprise solutions and integrations designed to meet all of your beacon program needs.
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Products and Services

Beacon Hardware Beacon Hardware provides hardware for marketers looking for beaconing technology. is a family of pre-configured solutions designed to work right out of the box. Developed entirely in Europe, beacons are certified for commercial use in the EU, Canada, USA, Japan, and more. You can order fully customized beacons with preconfigured profiles, identifiers, and settings.
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Beacon Security Beacon Secuity keeps your proximity infrastructure safe from any beacon-related attacks. With tools such as Secure Communication, Secure Shuffling and Secure Lock, you can be sure that your beacon settings and configuration data are all transmitted securely, no one can store or use your beacon’s information to piggyback or spoof your device, and your beacons can’t be hijacked.
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Beacon Software Beacon Software is a suite of APIs, SDKs, administration apps for iOS and Android and other tools that work right out of the box, or you can customize to develop your own proximity-aware app and quickly integrate beacon functionality into any existing app with just a few lines of code. Proximity Web Panel is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to configure and manage your beacon infrastructure. Built with our own API, it helps developers and non-developers organize deployments into virtual venues, change beacons’ settings and profiles individually or in bulk,, assign beacons to managers, and more.
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