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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
We design data management strategies that empower sales and marketing performance. We cleanse and enrich your data and help you find the key contacts missing within each account. The result is a wider top funnel that accelerates lead generation and revenue. We not only have the data, but we wrap professional expertise with technology to produce unique solutions and deliver better results. We solve your data challenges so you can focus on generating marketing-attributed revenue.
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Products and Services

Contact Gap Analysis

This app compares your audience profile to your house data to understand the contacts you have and those missing. It reveals the "gaps"; the contacts missing at each account. With data in constant flux (inbound, outbound, and attrition), gap analysis reports are refreshed frequently. With an understanding of the gaps within your contact database established, we then use our List Optimizer™ to find the most valuable contacts missing within each account. With a continuous and targeted list building strategy in place, your contact data will be better aligned to accelerate all types of demand generation initiatives.
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Oceanos Cloud Portal - Data Cleanse & Append

Oceanos Cloud Portal combines multiple data and social media inputs with a proprietary matching algorithm to keep your data clean and relevant. We remove bad data, populate missing fields and verify existing values.
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Oceanos partners with Whitepages

The Oceanos platform now includes real-time phone verification to help sales and marketers improve the effectiveness of their Account-Based Marketing programs.

Oceanos Joins Terminus ABM Cloud

Oceanos Joins ABM Cloud for Salesforce, the First-Ever Account-Based Marketing Partnership for the Salesforce Platform