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Auckland, New Zealand
Company Overview
Plexure uniquely combines social profiling, geo-location and transaction data to understand customers in real-time in order to deliver promotions and rewards that will win them over.
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Products and Services

Plexure Retail Personalization

Plexure Retail Personalization helps marketers increase average transaction value and optimize customer engagement through personalized experiences. Increase your customers’ spend and visit frequency by making CRM live and personal with the Internet of Things. Plexure extends your CRM through live data feeds and sensors and devices in physical locations. This live data and real-time context combines with existing data to bring customers to you and influence them in personalized ways while there. Many Plexure clients already have valuable CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics and Adobe Campaign. Plexure extends these into the real world, in real time. There's no waiting for transaction batches or reporting cycles; observe and measure the effectiveness of each interaction and adjust your strategy in real time.
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Marketing Function