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Price f(x)

Pfaffenhofen, Germany, Germany
Company Overview
Price f(x) is the pricing suite designed especially for the needs of a holistic pricing process on the edge of growing out of the powerful and flexible, yet confined framework of MS-Excel®. It is best suited for pricing challenges needing quick resolution and fast value realization at companies of all sizes, starting at smaller SMEs up to multinational business units of large corporations.
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Products and Services


Pricing typically requires the collection, modification, enrichment and harmonization of data from various and mostly very heterogeneous systems and data sources, which can have incompatible interfaces and formats. Results of price calculations of any types and purposes (price conditions records) need to be transported back to and updated in multiple order execution and billing systems. To achieve this, the Price-f(x) IntegrationManager provides seamless, automated and bi-directional connection with almost any system and offers mapping functionalities and scheduled integration of business logic.
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PriceAnalyzer provides a broad set of relevant analytical functionality to identify margin and/or price opportunities, increase transparency and support all types of price related optimizations.
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PriceBuilder supports in the broadest sense the price policy definition, setup of price guidelines, calculations and simulations of gross, special and net prices including algorithmic optimization as well as the rule based and/or manual approval of price calculation results.
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PromotionManager allows the definition and management of complex on-invoice conditions such as discounts, promotions, campaigns as well as all kinds of special price conditions and net prices, mainly in connection with the structures defined in the backend systems such as SAP, Oracle etc.
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QuoteConfigurator supports the sales and back office teams with the quote configuration (CPQ), calculation and simulation capability.
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RebateManager allows the definition, management, simulation, calculation, approval and initiation of payments of complex off-invoice conditions such as rebates, bonuses, kickbacks, credits etc. as well as helps establishing full transparency across the entire price waterfall from base to pocket price.
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