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Rakuten Aquafadas

Montpellier, France
Company Overview
Aquafadas enables digital success with a unique low-code mobile platform combining a high-quality reading experience and innovative business services from the Rakuten ecosystem.
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Products and Services

Cloud Authoring

With Cloud Authoring from Aquafadas, you can convert your business documents in the cloud. Simply drag and drop your PDFs into an online tool and transform them to interactive digital formats for mobile apps, web readers and ebooks. This process can be manual or automatic with larger quantities of PDFs.
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ConversionFlow from Aquafadas provides high-volume automated digital content conversion. ConversionFlow is an automated publishing solution that allows you to automatically convert large volume of PDF documents to a digital format optimised for mobile devices.
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InDesign Authoring

With InDesign Authoring from Aquafadas, you can create great mobile experiences from InDesign CC. Using the Rakuten Aquafadas plugin for Adobe InDesign, creatives can make elegant and fluidly interactive content accessible directly within an app. In order to achieve this result, you will not need to write code or learn new tools: it is sufficient simply to know how to use InDesign.
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