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Return Path

New York, New York, United States
Company Overview
Based in New York and founded in 1999, Return Path is a global data solutions provider that helps companies promote and protect their brands through a powerful data platform that fuels email optimization, email fraud protection and consumer insight. Return Path was acquired by Validity in 2019.
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Products and Services

Return Path Consumer Insight

Return Path Consumer Insight provides in-depth visibility into consumer behavior in real-time in order to guide smarter decisions and better business results. The platform offers a granular understanding of how, when and what millions of active consumers are purchasing, down to the category, product, and SKU level.
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Return Path Email Fraud Protection

Return Path Email Fraud Protection is an email security solution that works by detecting, blocking, and responding to email threats targeting employees and customers.
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Return Path Email Optimization

Return Path Email Optimization is designed to enhance value and maximize revenue from email marketing campaigns. Leverages SmartSeeds feature, providing a detailed view of how email is delivering based on subscriber interaction. Easy-to-create reports allow users to automate reports on deliverability and performance.
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Return Path Partner Platform

Return Path Partner Platform is a deliverability platform developed exclusively for Email Service Providers (ESPs) to proactively monitor and diagnose deliverability issues across your clients’ email programs. With the Partner Platform, you have the deliverability data you need – all in one place.
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