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San Jose, California, United States
Company Overview
SMARTe is a Silicon Valley company specializing in B2B contact list generation and services. The SMARTe suite of solutions, including a powerful Database as a Service (DaaS), leverages the latest in Natural Language Processing (NLP), prospect relevancy scoring and a proprietary crawling technology to provide targeted, accurate prospect intelligence for B2B sales and marketing.
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Products and Services

Bespoke Contacts

Bespoke Contacts is a B2B marketing automation platform that combines advanced contact data acquisition and management with collaborative project management. The key to Bespoke is its proprietary data mining engine that scours the web for quality contacts, which are cleansed, qualified and appended by the SMARTe research team. B2B sales and marketing teams receive access to tailored prospect data, and from within the same platform they can share files, communicate about tasks and action items, automate transactional activities and manage marketing analytics.
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Relevant Contacts

Relevant Contacts is a powerful Data as a Service (DaaS) solution designed to provide B2B marketers with highly segmented and qualified prospect lists. The proprietary data mining engine collects Big Data from across the web, then applies more than a thousand advanced data normalizing rules and processes to provide B2B subscribers with a clean, accurate and context-enriched prospect list.
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