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Boulder, Colorado, United States
Company Overview
SparkFun products and resources are designed to power wearables, nearables and the Internet of Things. In addition to over 2,000 open source kits, components and widgets, SparkFun offers curriculum, training and online tutorials designed to help demystify the wonderful world of embedded electronics.
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Products and Services

LilyPad Sewable Electronics Kit

LilyPad is a wearable, washable technology that lets creatives of all skill levels master electronic sewing (e-sewing) and e-textiles. The LilyPad Sewable Electronics Kit includes everything you need to create four complete sewable circuit projects with conductive thread. Sew basic circuits to light up LEDs, control them with buttons and switches and even experiment with a pre-programmed LilyMini circuit that reacts to ambient light levels. In addition to LilyPad LEDs and battery holders, the kit comes with two LilyPad ProtoSnap boards that let you explore the circuit before you sew the pieces into a project.
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Photon Wearable Shield

Photon Wearable Shield is a tiny WiFi development kit for creating connected projects and products. The small form factor is ideal for IoT (Internet of Things) projects with cloud connectivity. The Photon Wearable Shield makes it easy to add the WiFi-enabled Photon to any wearables project. Use conductive thread, or even conductive paint, to create any project that needs WiFi.
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