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Marina del Rey, California, United States
Company Overview
TargetClose specializes in innovative buyer intent and business analytics technology. Purpose-built for direct-to-consumer businesses, the proprietary TargetClose platform is a feature-rich, modular tool that "learns" individual buyer intent and responds with in-the-moment offers, content and product recommendations. TargetClose was founded in Marina del Rey, California in 2012.
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Products and Services


At the center of the TargetClose buyer intent platform is The Brain, a proprietary web optimization technology that collects and analyzes complex data comprising a vast number of variables.The Brain continuously analyzes buyer data, returning actionable results and flagging potential fraud.
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High-Performance Channel (HPC)

High-Performance Channel (HPC) is purpose-built to produce an accurate end-to-end picture of what is really happening with an organization's direct-response ad campaign, enabling decision-makers to know how effective ad spend dollars are and where to make changes. HPC "learns" from customer data -- time of day, traffic source and more -- and delivers optimized customer experiences that vary widely.
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