Single-Touch Attribution

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Single-Touch Attribution tools credit a conversion or sale to the campaign judged to have made the greatest impact on a customer during the conversion process. These tools include Last-Touch Attribution, or the tool that last that interacted with a customer, or lead prior to conversion. These tools also include First-Touch Attribution, or the campaign that first brought the lead into the sales process prior to conversion. These tools are often used by marketers with just one or two campaigns running concurrently, due to their simplicity and the out-of-the box nature of the tool.

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Call Sumo is a tool for call tracking. Call Sumo can instantly identify the caller’s phone number and which advertisement brought them in with a pop up on your office computer screen even before your phone rings.
By XMPie
Circle is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for managing multichannel marketing campaigns. The solution tracks results and identifies which messages are working best with which people, in which context and in which media.
Clarivoy is a comprehensive TV analytics platform that measures the results of TV ad campaigns by directly attributing website visits and sales to TV ad spots.
High-Performance Channel (HPC) is purpose-built to produce an accurate end-to-end picture of what is really happening with an organization's direct-response ad campaign, enabling decision-makers to know how effective ad spend dollars are and where to...
Killi is a multi-channel offline attribution platform that enables advertisers and data buyers to access a database of customers and customer data that is entirely a user-initiated audience of consumers up have opted into their data being used. Consu...
Tenjin is a platform that helps mobile marketers organize crucial data about campaigns, spanning various ad networks and internal metrics. Tenjin works with you to provide the infrastructure you need for your apps to grow. We provide a modular full s...
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