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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Company Overview
Since 2014, Venzee has been working to replace spreadsheets with system integration and AI powered data transformation to create interoperable data for the $23trillion retail industry.
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Products and Services


Mesh is a platform built by data transformation experts. Connect everyday apps and enterprise solutions then prepare and review data before committing to blockchain networks. Get started by choosing from templates including smart contracts, or build custom templates including field types, business rules and error handling. Import, merge and transform data to commit to blockchain networks. Perform a one-time transfer or create a live feed. Blockchain data is immutable – there's no room for mistakes. Create failsafe conditions that automatically remove sensitive or incorrect data before committing to the blockchain.
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Replace your spreadsheets with a branded portal, powered by Venzee. It’s free for you, easy to set up and your retailers and wholesalers can quickly build exports that meet the requirements of their e-commerce and point-of-sale solutions. Work with data from multiple sources and advanced features that combine inventory at multiple locations, manipulate content, build specifications and generate tags and categories. When you’re ready to export, if some products don’t meet requirements you can export unaffected products immediately while you work on fixing issues. Your retailers require you to resize and rename your product images based on their needs and of course, their needs differ. Venzee automatically takes care of renaming and resizing images and will alert you if an image will fail to meet requirements.
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