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Marketing automation platforms manage marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically. With marketing automation, businesses can target customers with automated messages across email, web, social, and text.
Marketing automation platforms either provide CRM and Email capabilities or integrate with external CRM and email platforms. They also support multi-channel marketing via social media, website content management, digital advertising, and SMS. In addition, they deliver a suite of analytics capabilities to help today's marketers collect the information they need to scale and accelerate marketing efforts, to make each touchpoint more focused and personalized across channels, and to measure marketing impact throughout the customer journey.
 Finally, for many companies, the marketing automation platform is used as the single source of customer data. 
The key differentiation for marketing automation is the size of business a platform is suitable for, and level of technology sophistication needed to operate each platform. We have chosen to subcategorize marketing automation platforms by business size and type.
Within each category users evaluating systems should consider:
* Email and CRM requirements
* Additional channels supported
* Customer journey capabilities
* CDP capabilities
* Analytics features
* Relevant integrations
* Complexity of use and installation
Also to note:
1. Marketing Automation can be confusing as it is used as a descriptor for many of the digital marketing tools that automate specific functions and integrate with other tools. 
2. If Email marketing is a native component of a marketing automation platform, it is listed here but is excluded from the Email Marketing category in our directory as that category is focused on automation specific only to email.
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366° Degrees is a Customer Lifecycle Management solution that helps orchestrate marketing and operational communications to provide a single view for better engagement, regardless of when and where prospective customer and existing customers interact...
By Accelo
Accelo CRM is an end-to-end, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management solution for professional services organizations.
By Xerago
Acquigo is an Algorithmic Marketing Cloud which enables its customers to run marketing campaigns. It is a tool that has in-built end to end campaign management functionalities from planning campaigns to executing and tracking responses to it, on chan...
By Act!
Act! Premium is a contact management solution that helps to organize prospect and customer details in one place so users can prioritize the day and market products and services more effectively, driving sales results while creating customers for life...
By Act-On
Act-On Software is the leader in adaptive marketing solutions that enable marketers to create Adaptive Journeys using customer behaviors, preferences and data to intelligently guide the engagement strategy. With Act-On, marketers can drive better bus...
By Actito
Actito is an advanced agile relationship marketing suite designed especially for the unique needs of today's data driven marketers. Actito can scale up to millions of contacts, make it easier to send personalised mailings and more.
ActiveCampaign is an integrated marketing automation, email marketing, and automated sales CRM platform. Leverages Predictive Content, a machine learning feature that predicts the most engaging message for each individual being emailed based on only ...
ActiveConversion offers a complete system that connects advertisers and publishers to generate qualified sales leads using intent data and identity resolution. Their technology is able to work with hundreds of publications across North America and ha...
Activecore Marketing Cloud allows you to use DMP as a starting point, and then implement, measure, and analyze data all on one platform.
ActiveDEMAND Agency Marketer is an integrated marketing platform designed for the marketing agency. ActiveDEMAND gives agencies a competitive advantage by helping deliver, and more importantly, demonstrate real value to clients.
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