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Mumbai, India, India
Company Overview
ViralMint is an on-site marketing tool that helps boost marketing ROI with the power of social! ViralMint hooks up with an online store add a social/viral touch to any marketing campaign in minutes, it helps users increase sales, generate new fans and followers, improve website conversion and engagement!
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Products and Services

Buddy Mint

BuddyMint is a social app for eCommerce stores that provides undecided website visitors the ability to create a poll from their shopping list and send it to friends for vote.
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Kart Mint

Kart Mint constantly monitors the activity of the visitor on the website and in the split second when customer is about to close the browser window, an offer is made tempting them to stay, spend more time and make a purchase on the website.
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Offer Mint

Offer Mint is a customer engagement app that encourages website visitors to unlock instant coupons/rewards in exchange for becoming a social follower on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
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Push Mint

Use Push Mint to create, edit and push out promotions in the form of on-screen notifications to a targeted set of customers. Get users looking at these promotions or visiting the Offer landing pages using appropriate call to action.
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