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Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Virtusales is a software supplier powering the world’s leading book publishers with dedicated solutions for managing every aspect of the publishing process. With software built especially for the publishing industry, our range of Biblio services handle everything from pre-acquisition to post-publication with seamless integration.
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Products and Services


Biblio3 is an enterprise class publishing management system that is designed to increase productivity, using a templated approach to speed up workflow alongside sophisticated wizards and reports to validate information.
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BiblioDAM is a digital asset management solution purpose-built for publishers. BiblioDAM that provides complete control of assets, from print files to contract storage, from marketing materials to jacket images. Powerful tools ease the management of digital assets; assets can be locked for editing, access controlled at various levels, and different versions held within the system allowing users to revert back to previous files at any time.
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BiblioIntelligence is an integrated solution providing complete, real-time sales figures alongside rich bibliographic, marketing and financial information in a single system. This combination of existing title data and up-to-date sales information allows users to quickly compare sales and spot key trends and patterns, resulting in deeper analysis and better decision making, quickly and without the need for any technical expertise.
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