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Oakland, California, United States
Company Overview
Vivun equips PreSales leaders with an AI-powered PreSales Intel & Ops Platform that lets them run their team as a business, create product-field alignment, communicate their value, and deliver transparent buying experiences.
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Products and Services


Eval by Vivun is a dedicated space to facilitate transparent communication with your buyers, prove value, and develop partnerships. Align needs and use cases to your solution by collaborating on requirements with your buyer and setting traps for competitors. Arm the team to drive progress in deals, manage scope creep, and create agreements for faster, more frequent wins. Set the record straight with your buyers from the start for a better experience, path to value, and a seamless transition to customer success.
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Hero by Vivun is an AI-powered PreSales tool. Sales teams use Hero to bring product and sales together and tackle work in their context using configurable PreSales stages and funnels.
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Vivun PSIOps Platform

The Vivun PSIOps™ Platform provides the central place where PreSales does their work, allowing them to effectively manage their individual and team efforts, align sales with product, and communicate their value.
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