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An ad intelligence solution is a software platform that tracks the advertising activities of brands. The best of these platforms provide data on how your brand, your competitors and other companies in your industry spend money on ads and where they spend it.

Source: Pathmatics

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By AdLabs
Ad Insights uses rigorous data analytics to identify and quantify the positive and negative impact of specific words and phrases in each ad. It develops valuable insight into the emotional sentiments driving performance to improve both ad content and...
Ad EnGage from EDO gives advertisers and networks unprecedented access to accurate, comprehensive TV ad intelligence and effectiveness metrics to quickly generate powerful insights. By pairing real-time ad occurrence data with time-matched consumer o...
The Blackwood Seven platform helps you gain insights into business outcomes of past media investments. You are able to track the actual number of sales generated by your media investments, to evaluate if you achieved the set sales targets of past and...
DataHawk Advertising is the leading Amazon PPC software that will help you monitor, analyze, and increase the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Ads and reduce your ACoS.
The Flashtalking platform leads the ad management and analytics market by providing advertisers with innovative products, services and support to create, activate and measure data-driven digital advertising across desktop, mobile and connected TV.
By S4M
FUSIO is a proprietary, algorithm-based tool that empowers advertisers and agencies to find the ad network with the highest ROI. Fusio is based on the proven concept that analytics drives improvements, so S4M generateS thorough metrics for both paid ...
  Compare offers real-time tracking of paid TV media and the related earned digital activity across social, search, and video. The platform aims to measure ad effectiveness, optimize TV media, and analyze competitors by tracking TV commercials, movie ...
LiveYield is a real-time revenue analytics platform for digital publishers. It collects and synthesizes the most important factors that impact publisher revenue into role-specific views. Decrease the cost of acquiring new readers and quickly identify...
Lumina is a global, cross-media planning and analytics platform that enables marketers to plan, measure, and optimize through an end-to-end system. The solution bridges each step of the media planning process, additionally integrating media buying sy...
Metamarkets provides a real-time intelligence platform for programmatic exchanges and buyers. Users utilize Metamarket’s technology to analyze billions of events daily, identify new opportunities, and pinpoint technical problems before they affect th...
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