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An ad intelligence solution is a software platform that tracks the advertising activities of brands. The best of these platforms provide data on how your brand, your competitors and other companies in your industry spend money on ads and where they spend it.

Source: Pathmatics

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Ad EnGage from EDO gives advertisers and networks unprecedented access to accurate, comprehensive TV ad intelligence and effectiveness metrics to quickly generate powerful insights. By pairing real-time ad occurrence data with time-matched consumer o...
By Adext
Adext is an end-to-end solution for marketing teams managing Google and Facebook ads. Automatically optimizes audience segments and budget allocations maximizing revenue with our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms.
Adlucent Index is a solution that augments platform automation to help brands and retailers optimize ad spend. Adlucent Index™ works directly with Google Smart Bidding to give advertisers the power to control how conversions are valued and measured.
  Compare is a TV monitoring and analytics suite. Thanks to its patented technologies, detects all TV spots in real time and identifies the audience who reacted to them by visiting their website/mobile app.
AdMobilize is an end-to-end intelligence platform for OOH and retail advertising designed to maximize your assets' value while delighting your customers and audiences. It contains everything you need to unlock the full potential of your data in the p...
By AdPumb
Adpumb is an app monetization and mediation platform that helps app publishers increase their ad revenue using premium demand and proprietary technologies such as binary search, header bidding, and advanced caching.
Arena Calibrate is an ML-powered analytics platform for digital marketers that provides a powerful free solution for cross-platform campaign data integration, automated data pipelines, dynamic reporting visualizations, and ML-based campaign performan...
The Blackwood Seven platform helps you gain insights into business outcomes of past media investments. You are able to track the actual number of sales generated by your media investments, to evaluate if you achieved the set sales targets of past and...
Ad Intelligence gives digital marketing managers, merchandise managers, and ad agencies near real-time, multi-dimensional views, at the most granular levels, into competitive pricing, product, and advertising changes. This solution helps agencies and...
DataHawk Advertising is the leading Amazon PPC software that will help you monitor, analyze, and increase the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Ads and reduce your ACoS.
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