Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)

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These tools measure the success of a Customer Relationship Management program. These programs' analytics can be used to predict the needs of the best customers to find better opportunities for upsell, time introduction of new products and foresee the ending of a customer relationship.

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366° Degrees is a Customer Lifecycle Management solution that helps orchestrate marketing and operational communications to provide a single view for better engagement, regardless of when and where prospective customer and existing customers interact...
By Amity
Amity is customer lifecycle automation for SaaS companies. With the ability to track customer engagement and proactively manage customer value, you succeed in all three-core stages: Get Customers, Keep Customers, and Grow Customers.
Customer Lifecycle Marketing provides visibility into which customers are the best fit and most engaged at each stage of their journey, from prospect to raving fan. Customer Lifecycle Marketing enables marketers to know exactly where a prospect or cu...
Flowlens offers an integrated Customer Lifecycle Management platform that helps manufacturing and asset management companies reduce waste and increase growth. The cloud-based software offers tailored functionality to support user business processes, ...
Gainsight's Customer Success Platform is a powerful solution in Customer Lifecycle Management. Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Drive impactful conversations with your customers with access to data from your CRM, service desk, usage trac...
By MetaCX
MetaCX platform is a collaborative B2B customer lifecycle solution that ensures transparent, value-based alignment between suppliers and buyers. Sales representatives can use MetaCX to create co-branded shared spaces to collaborate with their prospec...
SuccessCycle is a customer lifecycle management application purpose-built for Software as a Service companies. Advanced algorithms provide actionable guidance for managing customer relationships from onboarding to support and renewals. A feature is t...
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