Analytics Collection & Management Tools

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Analytics Collection & Management Tools enable enterprises to manage the ingestion and use of data to be used to inform marketing activities.

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Easy User Test is a user testing tool that offers the easiest way to test your text and design. Our remote testing solution conducts message testing for websites, ads, and email copy to provide data on how your audience perceives your text and design...
Fogwing is the next generation IIoT platform comes with edge-to-apps capabilities to address simple industrial use cases from industrial environment monitoring, asset tracking, machine health monitoring to Operational Technologies (OT) for automation...
Iteratively is a customer data analytics platform to help you build trustworthy data pipelines. Bring your data teams, product managers and engineers together to define, instrument, verify and collaborate on analytics tracking. Build back confidence ...
JENTIS is a hybrid data tracking tool that fuses frontend and server-side tracking enabling you to extract, own & orchestrate 100% of raw data.
By Oracle
Oracle Analytics is a single platform that empowers your entire organization to ask any question of any data using any device in any environment. The comprehensive solution is designed to meet your needs with comprehensive capabilities, from self-ser...
By Seers
The Seers Cookie Consent Management Solution offers you full customisation and total control of your legal compliance obligations under GDPR, PECR and CCPA. Seers was the participant in the UK's ICO's (Information Commissioner's Office) Regulatory Sa...
Tracking and understanding website statistics, analytics and user behavior using most tools is very complex & time-consuming, especially for non-technical people. You have to install and use many tools in parallel, retrieve data from different reposi...
A Solution That You Can Measure. At WeSupply we believe that analytics and a data driven decision process should form the core of any strong business. To put it simply, you can’t improve what you can’t track. If you want to offer the best post pur...
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