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Retention & Churn tools interpret consumer data collected through Behavioral and Predictive Analytics, recognizing patterns to determine when and why consumers are leaving stores or abandoning eCommerce shopping carts, and suggest where and when proactive retention and engagement activities are needed.

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CustomerGauge is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that automatically measures and analyses customer feedback. The platform includes closed-loop tools to retain customers and reduce churn, all based on the industry standard metric Net Promoter ...
Retail Rocket is an all-in-1 Retention Management Platform. It makes high-end marketing technologies easier to use for marketers, improves marketing efficiency for the business and makes marketing actually useful for your customers. The platform has ...
TeaLeaf is an AI-powered behavioral analytics product that helps marketers and application owners create a digital world customers can’t wait to use. Make customer experience your competitive advantage.
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