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Content Performance tools measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs can be web traffic, form completions, online sales, or other indicators of the success of a marketing plan.


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By Aesir
A simple-to-use software platform that will help you gain more leads and grow your sales through fully featured Context Marketing. Manage content intelligently at scale and keep your brand identity and message consistent, allowing you to focus on cre...
aiWARE is a flexible OS, with best-in-class native and partner cognitive engines & applications and proprietary orchestration technology, aiWARE is trainable for anything. Employ multiple engines of various classes to process media files for transcri...
ClearVoice is a proprietary content generation and publishing platform that scores content writers by topic from a searchable index, provides a world-class collaborative workflow environment, publishes content to Wordpress and other CMS systems throu...
Content Performance is WP Engine’s WordPress Performance Intelligence solution that simplifies Google Analytics for WordPress. It allows marketers and content publishers to see metrics powered by Google Analytics (GA) within its WordPress admin dashb...
Content Analytics applies sophisticated machine learning techniques to media consumption and engagement data to help clients target their audiences based on the content they’re watching - from short form YouTube clips to weekly linear TV programs to ...
By eZdia
eZdia is a content creation platform that enables e-commerce companies to attract visitors, engage customers, and boost revenue.
By Knotch
Knotch is a Content Intelligence Platform that helps you plan, measure, and optimize your content marketing programs across your owned and paid channels. Knotch allows you to quantify the business impact of both your owned and paid content initiative...
Metricool is a tool to analyze, manage and measure the success of all your digital content. Review your metrics, plan your content, and easily manage your online ad campaigns, all in one place.
  Compare is an analytics solution that provides digital publishers with audience insights to answer questions about how readers are responding to digital content.
PowerIQ Virtual Assistant, a unique content intelligence technology that takes the guesswork out of content marketing. PowerIQ provides brand marketers access to real-time intelligence, competitive insights and identifies the most successful content ...
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