CDP: Orchestration

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A Customer Data Platform in this category unifies and visualizes data through integrations but does not host the data.

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CustomerLabs CDP is a no-code customer data platform that makes it easy for marketers to track, unify and sync customer data across Website, CRM & other marketing tools. SMB marketing teams choose CustomerLabs CDP to collect & unify customer data fro...
Ensighten Pulse is a Customer Data Platform that enables marketers in real time to see customer interactions and digital ad impressions. Through a programmable pixel, Ensighten allows for the collection of first-party data from key offsite and onsite...
FirstHive is a Customer Data Platform. FirstHive enables a brand to aggregate all its customer interactions and transactions in a single interface. FirstHive builds bridges across the various touchpoints used by a brand to pull in data and build rich...
By Hull
Hull is a B2B Customer Data Platform. Hull is built to unify and synchronize customer data across your martech stack to orchestrate your entire customer journey in real time. Through Hull, brands can create personalized experiences that compel desira...
By Ikue
Ikue's Customer Data Platform is the first CDP built for telcos that stitches customer data together with super low latency events in a single location to enable the execution of personalised marketing, sales, and service messages at the right time i...
By InteQ
Inte Q’s Genesis platform is a flexible, powerful tool that enables you to utilize your customer data in insightful new ways. The platform uses advanced data science and AI-enhanced machine learning technology to deliver constantly-evolving customer ...
By Affle
mTraction is a Customer Data Platform for audience intelligence and engagement. mTraction specializes in providing data according to your business domain, industry patterns, and requirements.
The Openprise Agile CDP is the first and only B2B customer data platform built on a data orchestration platform. This allows Openprise customers to clean, enrich, and unify data across multiple sources into a single customer view in as little as 90 d...
By Zeotap
Zeotap is a Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) that helps companies better understand their customers and predict behaviors, to invest in more meaningful experiences. It enables brands to build on a nucleus of first-party data to win new customers ...
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