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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
Klaviyo is a fully integrated personalized email marketing service for eCommerce stores on Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, and other platforms. Headquartered in Boston, MA the company was founded in 2012.
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Products and Services


Klaviyo is an email service provider that integrates fully with users' eCommerce platforms and utilizes customer data to create beautiful, personalized, and targeted emails. Klaviyo also offers a highly intuitive email template editor, advanced analytics, and built-in best practices to allow users to build and track campaigns and triggered emails.
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Klaviyo Customer Data Platform

Klaviyo CDP offers advanced analytics to help businesses understand their audience and performance, and it seamlessly connects with Klaviyo’s intelligent marketing automation applications, so businesses can store, manage, analyze and activate their customer data from a single vertically integrated platform.
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Klaviyo One

Klaviyo One is a unified customer platform designed to support the speed, complexity, and scale of large brands while bringing together all of your customer data, making it accessible in real time, and providing the ability to use it to power highly relevant experiences that drive real results.
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Klaviyo Reviews

Klaviyo Reviews enables Shopify merchants to collect product reviews with their customer data and messaging in one platform, leading to a more seamless customer experience, more accurate reporting, and time saved through application consolidation.
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