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Call Center Platforms make more efficient the task of servicing a customer. Programs may include CRM systems, product knowledge bases, inbound call routing technology and call detail records, live chat, email that integrates with CRM and/or Ticketing systems. (See also Contact Center Systems & Operation)

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By Akio
Akio Unified Interaction Center provides the mid-sized to large enterprise with functionality to engage, manage and support the customer base on all fronts. The platform supports call, email, chat, even FAX and letters.
ClickDesk offers live chat and help desk software designed to improve customer support and sales. A combination of live chat, help desk, voice and video conference tools, ClickDesk enables users to answer questions from web visitors instantly from de...
Doorbell is an app that gathers user feedback. Simple to use. Available on all platforms (web, iOS, Android).
By eGain
eGain Cobrowse enables agents to provide high-value, live collaboration options to online customers and prospects. It gives the company the ability to deliver real-time assistance and convert site visitors into profitable, long-term customers. Design...
By Gladly
Gladly is a customer service solution. With Gladly, agents are empowered to be naturally productive, with a modern messaging interface that gives them the ability to communicate across channels. So customers feel known and cared for every time.
By Gnatta
Gnatta is a platform for customer conversations, with real-time integration powered by AI. Gnatta is designed to give you control of your customer experience, with hundreds of customisable variables to make their algorithms, automation, and workflow ...
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