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Email Personalization tools allow marketers to tailor messaging to individual customers, and at scale. Targeting tools allow marketers to segment its audience by behavior, demographics or preferences. The tools in this category support the marketer's goal of reaching the right customer at the right time with the right message. 

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By 4Cite
The 4Cite platform allows you to identify more customers and engage them in real time in order to increase revenue. 4Cite's triggered emails contain personalized messages and offers that influence purchasing and foster brand loyalty. The platform use...
Using Alterian’s Chameleon™ Adaptive Customer Experience™ Platform, Adaptive Marketers can send hyper-targeted personalized email messages that stay relevant right up to the moment of engagement. Customers experience in-the-moment personalization bas...
Automated Marketing Assistant is a email marketing automation solution that enables users to auto-generate client letters and emails based on triggers.
By Bizzy
Bizzy is an app that helps small businesses send expertly timed and targeted email marketing campaigns.
CertainSource Engage is an email marketing tool that enables marketers to respond immediately to subscribers' activity while they are still online, thus multiplying the email's effectiveness.
  Compare streamlines email targeting for companies that want to reach specific users.
Dialog Insight is an email marketing platform focused on allowing businesses to create personalized experiences for their customers.
From capturing leads on your website, to automatically following up with a questionnaire based on the client's input, or sending them a proposal that will make them eager to select those big ticket packages, Dubsado's got you covered. With Dubsado, y...
FaceMail is an ad solution that links current email recipients to their Facebook accounts so they can be targeted with newsfeed display ads.
Fresh Relevance provides real-time personalization and automation across email and web that optimizes revenue for e-commerce companies. We track all behavior in real-time and use this to personalize the shoppers journey on all channels and devices. T...
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