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San Francisco, California, United States
Company Overview
6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales. Using its private network of billions of time-sensitive intent interactions, 6sense uncovers net-new prospects at every stage of the funnel and determines which existing prospects are in-market to buy.
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Products and Services


6sense is lead scoring software that prioritizes known prospects, assigning the highest scores to the ones who are ready to buy. The platform predicts with more than 80% accuracy. Unlike basic predictive lead-scoring tools that rely on static data, demographics, and firmographics, 6sense ties together thousands of sources of time-sensitive intent data from the B2B web to make its predictions. Aimed in particular at companies activating an account-based strategy, the Platform uses market leading AI to connect a vast array of behavioral buying signals across every channel, across different devices, and across multiple individuals - uncovering where accounts are in the buying journey, accelerating account engagement through orchestration workflows and ABM campaign execution, and capturing revenue by extending account insights to sales teams.
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6sense Conversational Email

6sense Conversational Email enables companies to engage in conversations with leads at scale to address missed revenue opportunities due to organizational constraints. Leaning on powerful AI models including GTP-3 combined with pre-intent data like psychographic and technographic data, intent data, and predictive analytics, 6sense Conversational Email delivers hyper-personalized, hyper-relevant emails to qualify and convert leads to sales meetings.
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