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London, United Kingdom
Company Overview
Concep provides software, CRM integration and expertise to professional, financial and legal firms who rely on high-value relationships to build growth. Concep's solutions are simple, easy-to -use and streamlined. We have developed products that automate manual processes, freeing up valuable resources. We have made marketing campaigns more measurable and more effective. We've created relationship management dashboards that use analytics to show you where your strongest relationships are.
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Products and Services

Concep ALERT

Concep ALERT is a digital marketing automation tool that allows your contacts to choose what content they want, when they want it and how they receive it. Branded emails with automatically generated relevant content are delivered to your contacts based on the synchronized subscription information they have provided. Your contacts receive timely communications containing content relevant to their interests. Free up your marketing resources by eliminating the need to build campaigns manually to distribute content. Gain valuable insights that help you know how your key clients and contacts are engaging with your content.
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Concep Attend

Concep Attend is a multi-featured event app and analytics platform that helps professional firms connect, inform and engage attendees across their entire program of events. With Attend, firms can create a better event experience for their delegates and gain valuable insight into their behaviors. Attend’s easy-to-use content management system means you can even manage event content on the go. And thanks to real time analytics and feedback you will know what content works best, who your most engaged attendees are and more.
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Concep for InterAction

Concep for InterAction provides a better user experience incorporating new functionality designed to make life simpler for InterAction users. A newly designed web-tracking feature now gives InterAction users the direct ability to see which campaigns are generating website traffic and where those contacts are going, providing measurable impact and value. New filter functionality allows users to drill down even further on data in InterAction leading to more precise reporting and new insights. A new approach to contact identification creates another layer of validation ensuring data does not get linked to the wrong contact in the event that data is duplicated or due to human error.
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Concep for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Concep has partnered with Microsoft to develop a digital marketing platform that is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365. This solution enables sales, business development & marketing to work together more efficiently to manage B2B relationships and grow business. By adding a sophisticated layer of communications functionality to the Dynamics CRM you can create dynamically-driven ultra-personalized campaigns for content, email, events, surveys and other data capture including client subscription management. Intelligent business reporting dashboards provide marketing and business development teams with actionable analytical insights so they can manage, nurture and maximize client and prospect relationships more strategically across the business.
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Concep SEND

Concep’s online marketing tools are designed specifically for legal, professional and financial services firms who have a decentralised marketing structure requiring approval processes and brand control. Intuitive and easy-to-use, SEND’s unified marketing platform lets you create and manage media-rich interactive email campaigns, surveys, content subscription and event registration. Intelligent analytics and reporting provides you with deep insight into your contacts' interests and preferences, resulting in more targeted and relevant future campaigns.
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