Market Data

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Market Data tools enable marketers to collect and analyze information about the marketplace.

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Founded on Dynabase, AIQ provides excellent coverage and consistently predictive data to improve marketing performance for prospecting, cross selling and lifetime value.
Competitive Compass provides market data for marketers seeking to match their messages with the reality of the marketplace. On the Competitive Compass platform data is collected and analyzed in real time, benchmarked against competitors and over time...
HG Market Intelligence provides bottom-up market intelligence based on verified tech installs and granular IT Spend data. Use HG Market Intelligence to understand your markets, make better business decisions and go-to-market (GTM) with confidence.
Marketplace Intelligence helps to gain visibility into your vs. competition’s strengths across Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy & others. You must understand how shoppers perceive the brand. For example, do the 3rd party sellers have poor customer s...
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