Trend Forecasting

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Trend Forecasting platforms leverage market data and predictive tools to enable marketers to spot trends in consumer behavior. Features of these tools may pull data from representative segments of the marketplace, including influencers.

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Heuritech is an Artificial Intelligence-powered platform used by leading fashion brands worldwide to predict what product trends are coming and how they will behave for next seasons. The Heuritech market intelligence platform turns millions of social...
LS:N Global is a subscription-based insights platform that documents new consumer behaviour and key industry trends to give business professionals the confidence to make informed decisions about the future.
Marketplace Intelligence helps to gain visibility into your vs. competition’s strengths across Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy & others. You must understand how shoppers perceive the brand. For example, do the 3rd party sellers have poor customer s...
Search Intelligence gives you holistic and granular visibility across Google and Bing for all ad formats, not just paid and organic. By staying abreast of changes on keywords searched by users, you will have a current pulse on your Share of Voice. ...
Topic Modeling is an AI-powered discovery engine that automatically scans, categorizes, and visualizes hundreds of thousands of online conversations in only a few clicks using the power of machine learning. Topic Modeling detects consumer-defined the...
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