Marketing Technology Management

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Marketing Technology Management helps make visible the entire marketing technology stack, including its costs, integrations and use in an enterprise.

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Airstack makes it easy for teams to organize and share digital tools across the business, so everyone can get visibility into what apps you have and how to use them.
The CabinetM Enterprise Cabinet provides marketing and sales operations teams with the tools to collaborate around technology selection, implementation, performance, and strategy across teams and geographies. CabinetM quickly pays for itself as organ...
The HG Insights Platform is an advanced technology intelligence platform. It offers an unprecedented view into global industries, markets, and companies, allowing you to identify the most valuable opportunities and build strategies to accelerate grow...
Martechbase is a simple SaaS management platform that helps you to collaborate across departments to find and implement the SaaS tools your company needs to grow. Track and analyse your tech usage, owners, spending, renewals and build your MarTech st...
MartechGuru is a martech stack management platform.
Open Lantern helps marketers created a visual representation of the enterprise's technology landscape, exposing system redundancy, opportunities for cost savings and easy-to read-reporting. Create your visual Marketing Technology landscape with an in...
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