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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Company Overview
CabinetM helps modern marketing teams manage the technology they have and find the tools they need. The CabinetM platform enables full lifecycle support around digital tool discovery, qualification, implementation, and management, providing critical visibility and leverage to save time, money, and drive revenue. The company has built the industry’s most comprehensive directory of over 14,000 marketing and sales technology tools across more than 500 categories, and currently has the largest set of marketing stack insights derived from the aggregated data from hundreds of marketing stacks built on the platform.
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Products and Services

Agency Managed

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CabinetM Enterprise Cabinet

The CabinetM Enterprise Cabinet provides marketing and sales operations teams with the tools to collaborate around technology selection, implementation, performance, and strategy across teams and geographies. CabinetM quickly pays for itself as organizations reduce technology expenditures by using the platform to rationalize and simplify their existing technology stacks and increase revenue through better technology application and integration. The platform includes a marketing stack configurator for managing products; a contract and vendor management system; a technical skill assessment and management tool; the industry's largest database of marketing and sales products – more than 15,000 across 500+ categories; and the infrastructure to support team collaboration and reporting.
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CabinetM for Technology Vendors

CabinetM helps marketing teams manage their technology investments and strategy across the enterprise as they work towards digital transformation. Our focus on all things marketing technology-related makes CabinetM a perfect place to showcase innovative technology. Marketing teams use the CabinetM technology directory of more than 14,000 products to: Discover new marketing and marketing-related technology; share information across the organization about the products they use; and to create product comparisons in support of technology purchases.
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Free Products

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Internal Products

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