Resource Alignment and Collaboration

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Resource Alignment and Collaboration tools allow enterprises to track projects, and resources spread across teams and markets.

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Asset Infinity helps in managing your IT department in a very organised and structured way. It helps to both streamline and simplify your asset tracking needs. It helps in closing the loop between all the departments that offer your service. Through ...
CELUM is a Digital Asset Management platform. CELUM was purpose-built to store, organize and find content, make it available and share content across multiple distribution channels - print, web, social media. Digital Assets can be managed by products...
e·silentpartner is an enterprise agency management system that integrates project management, collaboration, timesheets, media and accounting to give you firm-wide insights into projects, resources and profitability in real time.
By Gluu
Gluu helps to make sure that the right people complete the right tasks at the right time. It's one platform with all the tools you need to manage and run processes in a mid-sized business.
By Zeplin
Zeplin is a connected space for product teams. Built with developers in mind, it's an easy way to share, organize, and collaborate on designs.
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