Person-to-Person Payment platforms

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Person-to-Person Payment platforms enable users to gift, lend, pay or repay small amounts of money in a variety of currencies.

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Binamite lets you pay/get paid in any ratio of fiat + crypto. Pay with crypto, receive in fiat, or vice-versa. As the blockchain industry races to solve the scaling trilemma, crypto payments face a more social obstacle – poor interfacing with fiat cu...
Dalenys is a unified payment platform for all your transactions. Dalenys supports your growth and enriches the relationship with your customers: omnichannel routes, e-commerce and mobile payment, store opening, international growth, and marketplace l...
Facebook Pay is a person-to-person payments platform enabling users to convenient, secure and consistent payment experience across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. Add your preferred payment method once then use Facebook Pay where availab...
Google Pay is a secure way to online payments platform enabling end-users to easily send or receive money using a bank account or debit card.
By PayPal
PayPal Payments enables small and large merchants to send invoices online, sell on sites such as eBay and Etsy, and accept payments from PayPal users or via credit and debit cards. When combined with additional functions such as a Virtual Terminal, c...
By Beyond
POS Hub is a cloud-based and above store POS reporting system that securely tags, standardizes, and consolidates all of your POS data into a single view.
Tremendous is a payouts platform, enabling businesses to send money, prepaid cards, and gift cards to people around the world.
By Venmo
Venmo is a mobile payment app. Social-network enabled, users can make and accept payments from anyone with a phone number or email, whether or not they have Venmo, and sync Facebook or phone contacts. Venmo is a licensed money transmitter and authori...
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