Retail Operations

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Retail operations is the term used to describe all the activities that keep the store functioning well. It includes people management, supply chain, store layout, cash operations, physical inventory, master data management, promotions and pricing.
Source: Openbravo

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Hypertrade is a web-based Retail Collaboration Platform built by retail experts. We help our clients reinforce fundamentals, grow capabilities, drive organizational change or develop new concepts and business models. We provide Category Management an...
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Engage with Customers across Platforms and Channels to Ensure Sales
The Inmar Intelligence Retail Cloud brings together all the key forms of retail-centric marketing, including: digital coupons, loyalty programs, programmatic media, onsite media, influencer marketing, in-store media, and eCommerce among other marketi...
Scan and Buy is a SaaS retail automation platform. It's a mobile cashless checkout solution for retailers.
You worked hard to convert your customer so don’t send them to a confusing third party courier page or send a generic tracking number. Strive for the premium experience they deserve! WeSupply lets you fully customize the tracking page! Pick you...
The Return Process: Dealbreaker or Dealmaker? Returns. For such a necessary part of the post purchase experience, they sure can be a mess. They can be problematic for customers and brands alike. Let’s take a look at some bad customer return proces...
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