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Sekel Tech

Pune, Maharashtra, India
Company Overview
Designed to help retail businesses, Sekel Tech platform helps manage brands’ online presence, store orders, and consumers' online to offline journey. It provides a suite of simple-to-use, rich content generation and distribution tools, via a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, to assist business owners bridge the online-offline consumer experiences and to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital worlds.
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Products and Services

Call Tracking & IVR

Capture consumer data and their conversations with your outlets/dealers
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D2C Quick Commerce

Get discovered and fulfil orders instantly, with higher margins
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Hyperlocal Marketing

Enhance brand visibility via Organic Listings and Search Rankings
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Listings & Reviews

Enhance brand reach & online consumer experience via local platforms
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Omni-channel Retail

Engage with Customers across Platforms and Channels to Ensure Sales
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Sekel Tech's Listing Management Module

Sekel Tech offers Dynamic Listing Management (DLM), a powerful solution that helps businesses manage and update their online listings. DLM optimises online presence, attracts more customers, and improves marketing efforts.
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Sekel Tech's Store Microsites Module

Sekel Tech’s Dynamic Hyperlocal Store Microsite solution empowers businesses to boost hyperlocal marketing and drive sales. These small, interconnected websites, linked to a brand’s subdomain and store locator, create organic discovery, foot traffic, call leads, and sales. With targeted marketing, businesses can reach specific audiences, promote products/services, and enhance brand awareness.
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Sekel Techs Automation Module

Elevate your global business with our powerful automation solution! Seamlessly control outlets worldwide, track leads effortlessly, and enhance lead management for digital excellence with a single click!
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Sekel Techs Customer Relation Management Module

Supercharge Your Retail Business with AI-Powered Customer Engagement: When retailers face constraints in time and resources for digital solutions, Sekel’s groundbreaking AI-driven Hyperlocal CRM steps in. Our solution seamlessly bridges the gap, requiring minimal intervention, to help dealers effortlessly reach and connect with their customer base at scale.
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Sekel Techs Data Activation Module

In business, sales are the key to success. Sekel Tech makes it easy to track your sales performance online and in physical stores, so you can stay ahead in a constantly changing market. Our goal is to help you understand where your sales are coming from, making it simpler for you to connect with customers and grow your business.
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Sekel Techs Data Integration Module

Sekel Tech seamlessly integrates with your current data systems, including CMS, PMIS, ERP, CRMs, and EPOS. We tackle the significant challenge of unifying and providing a cohesive perspective to stakeholders, process owners, and business teams. Our solution eradicates biases that often stem from departmental data ownership, eliminating data silos and fostering a more streamlined, collaborative environment.
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Sekel Techs Digital Campaigns Module

Experience a revolution in digital advertising, where every dollar spent guarantees genuine human exposure while respecting privacy. Our precision targeting ensures personalized, context-rich engagement, leading to unprecedented conversion rates. Step into a new era of cookieless, privacy-first advertising, where impact and effectiveness converge.
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Sekel Techs Security & Compliance Module

Secure your enterprise with Sekel Tech's Security & Compliance solutions. Benefit from SSO, 2-Factor Authorization, and data encryption for robust protection. GDPR compliance ensures privacy, transparency, and accountability.
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Sekel Techs Store2Door Omni Commerce Module

Sekel Tech’s Dynamic Store2Door Omni Commerce combines online shopping convenience with personalized service for an exceptional hyperlocal sales experience. Customers can easily browse and purchase products online, with doorstep delivery by a store associate.
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Store Locator & Dealer Microsites

Powerful features to drive commerce at every point of sale
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