Location Based Marketing

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Location Based Marketing tools leverage mobile or hard drive location data of a customer to help marketers reach that end-user when they are in a position to buy. MarTech, AdTech and FinTech in this category leverage other areas such as retail, advertising, mobile and customer identity, but are specific to location, including beaconing, nearables, location-based analytics, geofencing and others. 

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Enhance brand visibility via Organic Listings and Search Rankings
RealZips is a GeoData Platform that helps users enrich their organizations Salesforce experience and structure customers in every country by territory. With RealZips, you can add deep geographic data for geo-targeting and instant analytics, as well a...
Salesforce Maps is a sales tool that visualizes data to prioritize and scale daily customer visits using key business data, such as lead value and account type. Teams can roll out streamlined territory plans at scale with automatic updates for new re...
UrbanApp is a unique social platform for optimizing app engagement and generating personalized geo-specific content. It informs you about relevant urban web sites and applications in real time.
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