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WeSupply Labs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Company Overview
WeSupply Labs helps merchants provide the best post-purchase customer experience when selling online with their integrated services designed to assure a smooth post-purchase experience for end-users.
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Products and Services

WeSupply Branded Tracking Page

You worked hard to convert your customer so don’t send them to a confusing third party courier page or send a generic tracking number. Strive for the premium experience they deserve! WeSupply lets you fully customize the tracking page! Pick your design, upload your logo, select your brand colors, and even add CSS styling or custom HTML to the page. Also, make sure to keep the shoppable experience rolling by promoting key products and promotions or just continue telling your brand story.
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WeSupply Estimate Delivery Date

A Solution for the Shipping Anxiety. You’ve built great landing pages, garnered a strong social media presence, and worked hard at optimizing SEO – but something else stands in the way of your ecommerce conversion rate. Shipping anxiety. It’s something all online shoppers experience, but is especially magnified when dealing with a brand that is new to them. Simply put, customers need to understand how long the processing and shipping times are up front. Proactively offering them the expected date of delivery will not only help relieve some of this anxiety but will also get ahead of potential order status calls to your support center. Oftentimes you’re already providing this information. Well, kind of. Like most companies, you may have a graph with standard shipping times buried deep in you knowledge base articles. But how helpful is that? Would you trust a standardized “3 to 6 business days” blurb when you’re trying to decide on a big purchase for an upcoming birthday? Probably not, especially when the phrase “business days” can be unclear to begin with. Your customers deserve better, and giving them a better experience is essential for conversion rate optimization.
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WeSupply In Store Pickup & Curbside Pickup

Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) & Curbside Pickup (BOPAC) Communication Management Solution. Connect to your Ecommerce, ERP and POS to enable Seamless, Automated Communication for: • Buy Online Pickup in Store • Buy Online Curbside Pickup • Buy Online Ship to Store • Buy Online Return in Store and complete the experience with Buy in Store Return Online and Digital Receipts.
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WeSupply Logistics Analytics

A Solution That You Can Measure. At WeSupply we believe that analytics and a data driven decision process should form the core of any strong business. To put it simply, you can’t improve what you can’t track. If you want to offer the best post purchase customer experience possible, the path begins with learning how to measure your efforts. How else would you know what you’re doing right? Or even more importantly, wrong? The effortless experience that makes your loyal customers feel delight can only truly exist as a result of constant fine tuning and adapting to the wants and needs of the people you’re aiming to serve. This is why we give you the tool to easily track Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES). In retail there is no challenge you can’t overcome with the right tools at your side. The issue isn’t that something went wrong, but rather – what went wrong and how can we fix it. Was it the processing time of the order fulfillment? Was it the product or service itself? Another factor altogether? In order to optimize, we must know!
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WeSupply Order Tracking for Ecommerce

Ecommerce Order Tracking: Generate Sales & Reduce WISMO via Proactive Shipping Notifications. Answer the #1 Customer Service Question: “Where is My Order?” Simply show estimated delivery times, tracking information, and shipment updates to set realistic expectations and mitigate anxiety. Engineer an effortless experience!
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WeSupply RMA & Returns

The Return Process: Dealbreaker or Dealmaker? Returns. For such a necessary part of the post purchase experience, they sure can be a mess. They can be problematic for customers and brands alike. Let’s take a look at some bad customer return process situations from both perspectives. Then let’s see how we can help make it better!
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WeSupply Store Locator

“What time is your downtown location open until?” “How do I get there from my house?” “What’s the phone number there?” “Does that location offer all of your services?” Do these questions sound familiar? If so, it’s time for WeSupply’s Store Locator Page! Our Store Locator Page drives foot traffic into store locations by giving them visibility online. When a customer searches for a particular location they can easily find hours, phone number, and Google Map directions. Each store can be linked to Yelp so direct reviews correlate with specific stores. You can also sort your locations by type, so the customer knows ahead of time if the particular service or product will be available. Since the page is fully integrated with other apps, you can use a store’s profile page as a platform to display dynamic banners and products based on the customer’s profile. The Store Locator Page is mobile friendly, SEO optimized, and easy to manage. Give your customers clarity and enjoy a lift in both traffic and conversion!
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