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Customer Service Platforms enable brands to support their customers' needs while creating a unified experience across entry points. Unified customer experience tools in this category may serve customers on email, chat, phone, SMS and other entry points. 

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Boostopia is a support intelligence platform for support managers. Combine all of your customer data so you can manage your support team without guessing or ugly spreadsheets. Boostopia helps you easily identify and act on the biggest opportunities t...
Botup by 500apps is the best chatbot software that helps build chatbots for your business on Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, and more. With Seamless engagement, build long-lasting relationships with users around the globe by making meaningful interactions...
By Plivo
Contacto by Plivo is a customer service platform with built-in support for chat, calls, social, and messaging. Create customer journeys with drag-and-drop flexibility across channels and deploy automation to handle repetitive questions. At-a-glance a...
By Dixa
Dixa is customer service software that creates one unified customer experience on email, chat & phone and eliminates the chaos caused by using separate systems.
By e-bot7
E-bot7 is a simple and easy-to-use conversational AI platform for managing all of your customer communications in one place.
EaseMob is a PaaS-based platform that allows developers to integrate instant messaging, voice, and data services to their apps.
By eGain
eGain Knowledge Hub™ is knowledge management software that guarantees quality customer service by infusing your customer service agents with knowledge. By providing agents and other users a range of ways to get to information from the common knowledg...
By Giva
Giva Service Management Suite consists of modules including a help desk, customer service, knowledge manager, asset manager, service desk, and change manager.
Helpwise Shared Inbox provides separate logins for the same business email hence allowing you to easily share the workload, assign emails to the right people, implement automation around your email workflow and easily track the performance & other me...
By Hiver
Hiver helps you manage customer support and sales right from your Gmail. With Hiver, teams can collaborate on Shared email accounts like support@ or sales@ without having to leave their Gmail accounts. Hiver works like a full fledged help desk, built...
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