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Level AI

Mountain View, California, United States
Company Overview
Level AI is an IT company that works to blend human and machine intelligence to transform your customer experience.
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Products and Services

Agent Screen Recording

Agent screen recording provides a mechanism for contact center managers to identify process improvement opportunities and to accurately monitor process adherence. Session playbacks provide a complete picture of the customer-agent experience, which leads to more effective coaching, agent growth, and agent retention.
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AgentGPT is a secure, omniscient generative AI system for customer service teams, trained on a client’s proprietary customer conversational data. It helps agents successfully handle even the most complex questions, stepping in to answer what can’t be found in the help section or other publicly available resources. It also helps Learning & Development teams save significant time. Until now, organizations have had to maintain internal knowledge bases to help, onboard and train agents. AgentGPT augments these efforts by generating answers in real time and providing a federated knowledge base.
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Voice of the Customer Insights

VoC Insights is a generative AI solution set to disrupt the customer experience management landscape by redefining the way enterprises capture Voice of the Customer data. Discover hidden trends, emerging themes, and root causes of issues in real time by mining 100% of your customer interactions with next-level AI.
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