Commission Management

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A Commission is an amount of money paid to the person setting up and executing a commercial transaction for a company. Sometimes called incentive compensation, commissions are usuall a percentage of the price of the sale, noting that the higher the price, the more both the company and its agent are to gain. Commission Management tools automate the commissions process, from monitoring commissions due individual agents/sales staff, to enabling new incentives for sales. 

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AroundDeal is an Asia-focused lead generation platform that provides the most comprehensive and accurate business contacts and companies info. Our technology and services empower clients to build targeted lists, enrich CRM / Marketing Automation data...
Flexcloud is a sales commissions platform offering tools to analyze critical data, including payouts, reports, customer care, front-facing distributor sites and dashboards, and notification services.
NetCommissions is an online sales commission management solution that ensures performance feedback to the sales organization is timely, accurate and relevant.
QCommission is powerful, flexible sales commission software. It is designed to handle even the most complex sales compensation plans in the industry.
By Xactly
Xactly Commissions Expense Accounting (CEA) is a an commission management and revenue recognition platform. A complete commissions expense management solution, CEA ensures compliance with the latest ASC606/IFRS 15 standards. Gain a holistic view of t...
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