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San Jose, California, United States
Company Overview
Xactly Corporation is a market leader in on-demand sales performance management. The company’s SPM Suite of products enables sales and finance executives to design, implement, manage, audit and optimize sales compensation management programs easily and affordably.
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Products and Services

Operational Sales Management

Operational Sales Management unifies enterprise sales organizations with agility, by delivering pathways to revenue that connect data, increase ROI, and drive growth. Xactly’s Operational Sales Management solution unifies four key areas — People, Territories, Quotas, and Credits. By connecting these processes and integrating them with a company’s existing tech stack, Xactly’s Operational Sales Management solution streamlines the time-consuming and error-prone process of managing changes in the sales organization.
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Xactly AlignStar

Xactly AlignStar is a sales territory design and mapping tool that enables managers to visualize customer and prospect potential in order to place sales reps in the locations with the highest concentration of potential. Spatial analysis capability assists companies in identifying new sales opportunities. Easily upload and combine third party data to uncover "whitespace opportunities." The built-in analytics engine automatically creates balanced and fair territories based on your parameters.
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Xactly Benchmarking

Xactly Benchmarking is an incentive and compensation analytics program empowering sales leaders to proactively monitor and build incentive compensation programs. Compare performance in teams both company and industry wide. Ensure incentive programs retain top performers, align sales behavior and reduce undesired rep attrition.
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Xactly CEA

Xactly Commissions Expense Accounting (CEA) is a an commission management and revenue recognition platform. A complete commissions expense management solution, CEA ensures compliance with the latest ASC606/IFRS 15 standards. Gain a holistic view of the complete lifecycle of your commission expenses with a library of pre-built and automated reports and dashboards, including amortization schedules, profitability statements, accounting model comparisons, and summary roll forward by group.
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Xactly Connect

Xactly Connect is a sales integration tool enabling sales teams to automate and streamline the flow of data across your entire Ssales performance management (SPM) platform with an open, standards-based data integration platform.
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Xactly Forecasting

Xactly Forecasting is an intelligent pipeline analytics and sales forecasting tool enabling teams to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize sales pipeline, improve sales and commission earnings forecast accuracy, and hit sales targets every time.
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Xactly Forms

Xactly Forms is a platform to develop forms that drive collaboration and data input across business processes. Leveraging the drag-and-drop Form Designer, business process owners can quickly and intuitively build forms based on any data set in the Xactly SPM platform and publish the forms to the contributors of the business processes. Utilizing the Form Viewer, end users can contribute to business processes in a secure and controlled manner by interacting with forms designed to support their specific role in a business process.
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Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent is a sales incentive compensation management (ICM) platform. Manage compensation programs, payouts, commissions and forecast sales incentives that will need to be paid in the future. Xactly Incent can support the most complex implementations handling millions of orders and tens of thousands of subscribers.
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Xactly Insights

Xactly Insights is a sales compensation analytics tool. Xactly offers near real-time reporting on pay and performance, leveraging AI to empower a consistent health check on any sales organization. Dashboards offer high-level snapshots of team performance. Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning-based indicators to help determine areas of concern.
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Xactly Objectives

Xactly Objectives is an employee performance management tool. Use Xactly Objectives to drive performance and revenue by aligning employee behaviors with company goals through employee performance management software to assign and track MBO plans. Offer employees more involvement and visibility into their goals. Using manager and rep projected payouts, administrators can give finance faster estimates on expected payouts, speeding and increasing accuracy of accruals.
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Xactly Sales Planning

Xactly Sales Planning is a sales capacity and quota planning tool enabling sales managers to to proactively monitor and continuously optimize sales plans with changes in real-time business conditions to course-correct as required. Create iterative snapshots of your plan, model “what-if” scenarios and monthly forecasts, and analyze side-by-side comparisons across teams. Integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM such as Salesforce, Incentive Compensation Management solution, and other enterprise systems to transfer data and thus enable a holistic approach to sales planning.
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Xactly SimplyComp

Xactly SimplyComp is a tool for incentive compensation management for small companies. Implement commission and compensation plans using industry best-practices and templates with the first DIY incentive compensation solution. Modeled after Excel spreadsheets, SimplyComp supports currencies worldwide and is localized in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
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