Creative and Ad Text Optimization (ATO)

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Ad Optimization is performance-enhancing technology that is used to boost the click-through-rate (CTR) of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad on search engines. Ad Optimization may come stand-alone as a plug-in or add-on, integrated into an A/B Testing tool for campaign performance, or built into powerful Ad Servers that are programmed to report impressions and clicks, post-click and post-impression activities, and interaction metrics. (See also A/B Testing: Ad Campaign Performance).

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By Adobe
Part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Media Optimizer helps manage and automate ad campaigns, freeing resources for other initiatives. Accurate algorithms for online advertising campaigns deliver precise forecasts and superior optimization, while ...
The AdPushup ad optimization tool is built to continuously optimize your website's ad layout, testing and performing in-content optimization, visual ad management and UX optimization, including reporting and analytics for measuring performance.
AdBasis Display & Remarketing is an optimization tool for image-based ads, enabling marketers to understand the relative impact of individual design elements. Test ad design performance for key demographics, interest groups, buying scenarios, campaig...
Quantcast Advertise is a programmatic advertising solution that identifies behaviors unique to the best customers and tailors ad delivery to produce new customers efficiently.
AdBasis Search is an ad copy testing tool. Marketers can easily set up any “purchasing scenario” and test for SEO by keyword groups, demographics, product line or promotion. The Search platform makes it easy to create, tag and track search funnel met...
By Apple
More than 65% of App Store downloads come directly from a search. Use Search Ads to make sure that your app shows up at the top of relevant search results. Set up is fast and easy for non-technical business users, with full control over budget, audie...
Google Cloud Video Intelligence API makes videos searchable, and discoverable, by extracting metadata with an easy to use REST API. You can now search every moment of every video file in your catalog and find every occurrence as well as its significa...
By Xaxis
Xaxis Triggers is an always-on media activation product which serves ads based upon the monitoring of real-time events and behaviors to reach consumers at the most relevant time.
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