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Tools that enable users to search within a particular site or application.

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Askdata gives users the ability to answer any data-related questions with a simple search. In order to create the data experience, Askdata leverages all your existing data and analytics platforms to create a personalized experience through natural la...
AskFrank is an AI-enabled intelligent question-answering search engine. AskFrank integrates with a business’s existing customer engagement chatbots, contact center, website or knowledge base. Using AI to search content, it adds value to chatbots as a...
Command E is an easy keyboard shortcut to open any document, contact, file or record from the cloud. Your data is fully encrypted and stays on your laptop.
DESelect Search is a practical object finder for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Save valuable time by using DESelect Search to find literally anything in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The quick search solution is like your very own search engine embedded ...
Outmind is a search engine that connects to all your tools (Teams, Sharepoint, Google Drive, CRM, emails), and allows you to find everything quickly and efficiently. Find your documents, messages and internal contacts in one place thanks to a search ...
By Zoomd
A free internal search engine tool to enable customers to find what they are looking for on a site.
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