Video Transcoding

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Video Transcoding is the process that converts a video file from one format to another, to make videos viewable across different platforms and devices. Tools in this group may use specific output formats, and may be leveraged to deliver a smooth streaming experience regardless of device, resolution, or bandwidth.

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Allavsoft is a video and music downloader and converter that allows users to batch download music, videos, and subtitles from over 1000 websites.
Brightcove Zencoder is a reliable cloud-based service featuring fast transcoding, input file compatibility and output support for all connected devices.
Dalet AmberFin is a high-quality, scalable transcoding platform with fully integrated ingest, mastering, QC and review functionality, enabling facilities to make great pictures in a scalable, reliable and interoperable way.
By Intel
Intel Media SDK is a comprehensive API for video processing. Deliver hardware-accelerated video encode, decode, and processing in applications for Windows* and Linux*—digital surveillance, retail, cloud gaming, video conferencing, and more.
Video Transcoding and Manipulation is a platform that enables marketers to deliver a smooth streaming experience regardless of device, resolution, or bandwidth. Cloudinary dynamically determines, transcodes, and delivers every video in the most effic...
By Wedia
Because today the visuals (photos, videos, 3D, 360°...) participate, better than any textual argument, in the promotion of their brands and products, our customers are faced with multiple issues: *an ever-growing number of diverse assets that must ...
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