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Palo Alto, California, United States
Company Overview
Cloudinary offers a solution to the entire asset management workflow, from upload to transformations, optimizations, storage and delivery.
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Products and Services

Cloudinary Image Management

Cloudinary offers image management for developers. Upload images from a browser, mobile app or any application back-end directly to the cloud without building your own infrastructure. Cloudinary offers a secure upload API, an interactive UI for manual uploads, and a customizable upload widget that can be embedded in any application. Securely store images in the cloud, with multi-region backup, revision history, and disaster recovery. All the media assets stored in Cloudinary can be browsed and managed using a RESTful API and a web-based interface.
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Cloudinary Media Optimizer

Cloudinary Media Optimizer is a no code, automated optimization and delivery tool for visual media. With Cloudinary Media Optimizer you can automatically deliver images and videos in the format and quality suited for each end-user device, browser, and connection speed, as well as improve SEO, user engagement, and critical business metrics.
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Video Transcoding

Video Transcoding and Manipulation is a platform that enables marketers to deliver a smooth streaming experience regardless of device, resolution, or bandwidth. Cloudinary dynamically determines, transcodes, and delivers every video in the most efficient format and codec based on the viewing device and browser, without having to manually pre-create all the variants. Cloudinary eliminates the time-consuming work traditionally required to select the right codecs, formats and quality. This allows any user – marketer or developer – to more easily deliver each video optimally for any browser, device and location.
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