Content Distribution System

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Content Distribution Systems are built to manage content across multiple web sites on the Internet.

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By Acquia
Acquia Content Hub is a cloud-based content distribution and discovery service. Customers can use this service to author, search, and share content in a complex network of sites and channels. Whether it includes multiple sites, diverse departments, o...
By Aesir
A simple-to-use software platform that will help you gain more leads and grow your sales through fully featured Context Marketing. Manage content intelligently at scale and keep your brand identity and message consistent, allowing you to focus on cre...
Brands who invest in content want to leverage it across channels — and we make it easy to do that. Influicity offers Amplification across 1000s of premium web properties and social networks. Transform influencer content into IAB-approved ad units...
Bazaarvoice Brand Edge enables brand marketers to collect consumer-generated content and distribute it to retail eCommerce sites in the Bazaarvoice Network. The solution puts influential ratings and reviews in front of shoppers in the retail channel ...
By Cape
Cape is a suite of SaaS products that make it faster and easier to launch online marketing campaigns. Cape allows you to create dynamic creatives, ranging from video, to social, display and many other channels. It serves as your central campaign mana...
Cloudinary Media Optimizer is a no code, automated optimization and delivery tool for visual media. With Cloudinary Media Optimizer you can automatically deliver images and videos in the format and quality suited for each end-user device, browser, an...
Powered by advanced AI and deep learning technology, deepdub provides the industry the ability to localize content into multiple languages at the click of a button.
  Compare is a social content distribution mechanism that helps bloggers, publishers and brands distribute content content across all social channels, reach new audiences, and measure the results.
Eyebase is a content distribution system for optimizing the use of media assets. They can easily be allocated to websites, publishing processes or to different internal and external users, while considering implemented rights management guidelines. U...
By Feedio
Feedio is a distribution tool for content creators. Automatically send your latest content to your email subscribers and social accounts. Direct your visitors to a high converting profile page to grow your subscribers. Feedio will automatically turn ...
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